Graphic Communications is a full time program offered at the Northern Alberta Institute Of Technology

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The NAIT Student For A Day provides an opportunity for prospective students to spend a day teamed with a NAIT student, to attend classes and laboratory sessions, to ask questions and experience NAIT first hand.

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"Our opportunity, as designers, is to learn how to handle the complexity, rather than shy away from it, and to realize that the big art of design is to make complicated things simple."
-Tim Parsey


“This course helped me to grow in the field of graphic design. I had just graduated from high school and found the small class offered one-on-one training, which made learning easier, and less intimidating. GrafCom gave me the knowledge and skill that was necessary to be competitive in the graphics industry. I am now 22 and managing a graphics department of five for a local newspaper we have in our city. Two thumbs WAY UP for Graphics Communication!”
Chandra Freeston

“In the course of 8 months, I went from not knowing what a node was to being able to create elaborate advertisements for large companies, and because of the inter-activeness of the teachers, it was easy to learn the techniques used in the programs. Not only did this program open doors for me to find a job, but it made me more attractive in this competitive industry because of the diversity in what I learned. While other programs taught one or two software programs, I learned to use seven different programs on two operating systems. Now that’s what I call getting your money’s worth!”
Rawan Kemaldean

"As an employer of 3 graduates of the NAIT Graphic Communications program, I can say that more than anything else they all have an eagerness to learn and improve, a solid base of graphic knowledge on which to build, and a keen interest to think creatively. These are key elements to building a career in the visual communications industry and NAIT was the catalyst in their creative development."
Terry Cowan, Creative Services Manager - The Brick Group

“My experiences with the GrafCom program, were... amazing. I loved every minute of it. It’s not only a program where you learn the basics of design but it is also a program where you will make life time friends. I was nervous my first day, but when I started to connect with people you find that it’s not so bad. If you put your mind to it, you can achieve whatever you like. To the future GrafCom students, when you reach your second semester, start your projects early, and pace yourself. Crunching at the last second is way too stressful. The instructors are wonderful and are always there if you are in need of help. And if the instructors are unavailable, then your classmates are. Looking for a career in a year? Join the Graphic Communications Program. You won’t regret it!”
Diana Friend

“The GrafCom program was very practical, from start to finish; it opened the door for a new career in a very short period of time. I’d always been creative, and Nait’s program provided the technical training to utilize the computer and graphics software as my new canvas. For me, the job opportunities that came out of this program were in the printing industry, which is where I am working now. I have also done freelance work, designing cd covers, business cards and posters. I am grateful for being able to make the change from a customer and food service management, to a more personally fulfilling career without the huge expense or time commitment.”
Roxane Brisson

“GrafCom was an amazing experience. It helped me push my creative boundaries and I met a lot of talented people, some of whom I still have friendships with today. As well, it landed me a great job at Webco Leduc. GrafCom was a face paced, challenging, fun course. To be able to use your ideas and make them come alive is self-gratifying! I would recommend this course to anyone!
P.S. All the teachers were great and very understanding!”
Kameil Rozumniak

“The NAIT GrafCom Program was a lot of fun and it taught me so much about computers, software programs and the print industry. I was pleased with the easy-going attitude of the instructors because it was very relaxing and the program content fit my needs. I feel confident in my abilities as an artist and designer, because now I am able to use the one tool I really wasn’t all that comfortable with prior to taking this course. The program lasted only a year which means that I could still afford to do other things while going to school. For me, it was a program that opened doors. Though I feel that my time in a learning environment is not yet at its end, I feel confident to challenge the industry in a way I ever thought possible. Thank GrafCom for that.”
Nikki Seib

"I cannot believe the amount of knowledge I absorbed during an 8 month, two semester time frame. The staff have a huge wealth of experience and the relevancy of the lessons in preparation for real world situations is impressive. I am now working in marketing and successfully taking on challenges I only dreamt of not that long ago!" 
Travis Sarvas

"I was beginning to become a professional student, with four years of college under my belt and nothing to show for it. I was starting to despair that I would never find a career that fits me...until I discovered the GrafCom program at NAIT. I can’t express enough how amazing this program is. The professors are personable yet professional people who strive to ensure your success. They’ve worked years in the industry, and you can rest assured you are receiving the best education possible. The length and cost of the program are perfect for someone ready to find their career. I’m happy to report that I found my perfect job within a week of seriously applying after graduation. If you’re looking for lifelong friends, invaluable experience, and a kickstart to an exciting career, GrafCom is for you!"
Melanie Teichroeb